Business Retirement Services you can count on:

  • Retirement plan design and implementation  

  • Family-run business planning  

  • Business succession plans  

  • Business sale consulting

From 401ks to business succession plans, Berson+Corrado can do it all for your company.

Want a retirement plan that covers just owners or everyone in the company? Our experts can take you through the possibilities, from 401ks to SEPs to KEOGHs and more, and we’ll manage the investments and reporting, offering a full service retirement plan capability.

We’ll help you prepare a retirement plan that supports the life you’ve grown accustomed to living, and give you the satisfaction of knowing that the business you’ve built can proceed profitably even after you’ve left. Our team will lay the groundwork and build a foundation for a comfortable future for you.

For family-run businesses, we can help you create a smooth transition plan that considers all parties. Should you ever decide to sell or leave your business, you can count on Berson+Corrado’s expert advice on business succession plans and buyouts.

Tip: Keep your business appraisal current. It’s wise to keep an updated valuation of the business on hand. Don’t forget to make sure your family or successors are aware of the information, just in case your business has to be sold due to unexpected circumstances.