About Berson+Corrado 

Berson+Corrado will work with you in every aspect of your financial life. We have a team of experts in multiple disciplines that considers every aspect of your financial and accounting needs. A financial plan will be tailored to your specific needs. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with you, which is built on trust. And we offer all these services in two convenient locations.

We begin by building a relationship of trust.

We begin by meeting with you face-to-face, together, we discuss your short- and long-term goals and business and personal situation to create results-oriented financial solutions that answer your unique needs, wishes and objectives.

From then on, you keep us up-to-date on changing events in your business or personal life. And we’ll keep you up on the market and your finances. We’ll be vigilant in our attempt to foresee and anticipate opportunities, and find solutions to problems. All to ensure that your business and family are protected when the economy, or your life, unexpectedly changes.

Berson+Corrado Advantage

Berson+Corrado was an early innovator in providing fully integrated financial solutions over 25 years ago. Our business and individual clients have access to all the financial services they need for a well-rounded, results-oriented business, individual or family portfolio.

have a team of financial experts behind you.

Our team of investment advisors and accountants work in tandem to make sure that all the pieces of your total financial picture are working together in the most effective and efficient way possible. While you may connect with one main point of contact, you’ll have an entire team of experts there when you need us.



At Berson+Corrado, we know that each client is unique and his or her total financial picture should reflect that. It’s how we work with clients to create this total picture that makes us unique. We are investment advisors who are also accountants, which allows us to bring a fresh perspective to analyzing and developing an all-encompassing financial solution.